Your Child Deserves Excellence
In Faith And Learning

PreK-12 Classical Christian School in Rochester, NY

Classical Education

Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a proven model of education that builds character and trains every student in HOW to think and HOW to learn. Our graduates know what they believe and have the skills to create success.

Christian Foundation

At Destiny Christian School we teach that God is the Creator of all. All knowledge beings and ends with Him. Biblical standards and prayer are the foundation of our culture and we acknowledge that God has given you, the parent, the responsibility for your child’s education.

Community of Faith

Our student population comes from 39 different area churches and our teachers are exclusively Christians. Our shared faith and expectations of academic excellence results in a unity which promotes a safe, nurturing and fun environment.

Why Send your child to Destiny?

Too many schools are failing to prepare students for the future. At Destiny Christian School, we use a proven model of education that builds character and trains every student how to think and how to learn. Our graduates know what they believe, and they are prepared to succeed.

Next Admission Event

Wednesday February 26th 11a & 6p

Come tour our facility and meet with Faculty and Staff to learn more about how Destiny Christian School is Excellence in Faith & Academics. Daytime open house experiences will see students in live learning situations. Our nighttime tours will have extended opportunity for questions and answers. Both day and evening events have a short meet & greet with Principal Lavonda Lofton.

What is “Classical” Education?

Simply put, Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a method of learning. Parents have turned to CCE because there is a proven track record of success; not only academically, but in all aspects of their child’s development. CCE is a gift that prepares your child for life, not just college. There is an emphasis on how to learn rather than what to learn.

Classical Christian Education is Classical because it is rooted in the same pathway – Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric – in which the greatest thinkers of all ages were educated. CCE is Christian because it is guided by a biblical worldview and a recognition that Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric are the natural, God-designed growth stages of the adolescent mind. This structured approach results in a well-rounded graduate ready to make a difference in their community and beyond.

What’s My Investment?

  • Tuition is partially funded by Faith Church

  • Financial aid is available by application

  • 62% DCS families receive financial aid

One Visit

Come visit us and discover a place that can help you prepare your child for a successful future. All it takes is ONE VISIT to experience how Destiny Christian School embodies Excellence in Faith & Academics.