Sweat Equity
At Destiny

Sports are a vital component of childhood development and organized athletics at Destiny school are a fun, challenging and fulfilling way to guide kids to become the adults we need to lead our communities into the future. God created us as a full person – Mind, Body and Spirit. Destiny Christian School looks to His design and promotes every aspect of a student’s development. Our students put it all on the field and the court and show the world how Sweat Equity Pays Off. Our Basketball, Soccer, and Flag Football programs are only the beginning of what is quickly becoming a robust athletics program. How does such a small school accomplish this? We don’t, not alone at least. Through a partnership with Hillel School and from our sponsors the Buffalo Bills we are learning to work as teams, submit to coaching leadership, press through adversity, win with honor and lose with grace.


It is both thrilling and humbling to partner with world class educators who happen to be our very neighbors. Hillel School here in Brighton New York has been on the same street as Destiny Christian School & Preschool since way back when were were known as Faith Temple School (circa 1970’s). While we’ve always been friendly we discovered only recently that our families shared a mutual need for a robust and vibrant sports program. The handwriting was very much “on the wall” as God showed us how our children were meant to play together. Our fully integrated teams – both schools, same team – are a powerhouse. Get ready for these Eagles to Soar!!!


Would it be too bold to start this with “Let’s Go Buffalo!!!”? We are honored to have been selected as one of the few, sponsored high schools by the Buffalo Bills ro host flag football in Section V. The Bills, along with the NFL and Nike, sponsored Destiny School specifically to participate in league play as one of only 44 teams in New York State to receive such an honor.

In April of 2022, the Buffalo Bills will be hosting trainings and scrimmages for our coaches and students to learn directly from the pros.


We believe God has a plan to grow athletics in Rochester NY with Destiny Christian School playing an important part in facilitating that growth. Our county already has wonderful youth sports programs, and even so, there is so much room for expansion and improvement. We have ideas, things that we cannot share quite yet, that need your prayers. If you have a heart for youth, and want to see God’s will be done in their lives and our community, please add Destiny Christian School and our sports program to your list.

Contact Us

For more information about sports at Destiny, including how to get your child involved AND how you might donate time and money to our program, contact: Steve.edlin@DestinySchool.com