Classical Christian Education (CCE)

What is “Classical” Education?

Simply put, Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a method of learning. Parents have turned to CCE because there is a proven track record of success; not only academically, but in all aspects of their child’s development. CCE is a gift that prepares your child for life, not just college. There is an emphasis on how to learn rather than what to learn.

Classical Christian Education is Classical because it is rooted in the same pathway – Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric – in which the greatest thinkers of all ages were educated. CCE is Christian because it is guided by a biblical worldview and a recognition that Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric is the natural, God-designed growth stages of the adolescent mind. This structured approach results in a well-rounded graduate ready to make a difference in their community and beyond.


The GRAMMAR or gathering stage is foundational and takes place in the primary and elementary years of the child’s education, from kindergarten through fifth grade.  It is named the grammar stage, not because students spend all their time doing English grammar, but because it is the time when students learn the building blocks of all subjects – the grammar of English, history, science, math, reading, spelling, writing and languages.  In the grammar stage, children can absorb much material like sponges and learn information and facts.  The grammar stage is the foundational or building block stage when students are taught to memorize and gather the rules of grammar, vocabulary, foreign languages and other fundamental information. In gathering information, we are handing out puzzle pieces to the student. In memorizing the information, we are ensuring the student can hold on to the pieces for later use; we don’t want them to drop the pieces, for if they drop the pieces, they can’t put the puzzle together.


The LOGIC or dialectic stage is usually from the sixth grade through eighth grade, or what is commonly referred to as middle school.  It is a time of questions, answers, and making connections between one topic and another. An understanding of the information is beginning to solidify in the child’s brain during this time period. You’ll also notice the importance of having facts memorized. While dialoguing and exploring information, they are beginning to put the pieces together. At this stage, students will view glimpses of the big picture.


Finally, the third stage is the RHETORIC stage which builds on the first two.  Students in this stage are in high school, ninth through twelfth grade.  Students in the rhetoric stage apply the foundation acquired in the grammar stage with the reasoning and analytical skills of the logic stage to express their ideas with clear and elegant language, written and verbal. Students are now able to see the big picture of the information well enough to break it down for others. This is the greatest value of the CCE model as the student can now develop their own thoughts on the information as well as explain it to someone else.

God at the Center

At Destiny Christian School, we teach that God is the Creator of all, therefore all knowledge begins and ends with Him. Biblical standards and prayer are the foundation of our culture and we acknowledge that
God has given you, the parent, the responsibility for your child’s education. We use the Classical model in partnership with a biblical worldview. In addition, we create daily opportunities for our students to experience God through worship and prayer. Our goal is that your child will not only develop a strong academic foundation but also an unwavering love and understanding of their Creator, enabling them to stand for what is right, what is wrong and to defend truth all of their days.