Welcome to the Destiny Christian School’s “Is School Safe for Me” information site.  Please consider watching all videos in order.  We want you to have grounded, real information about the concerning times we live in.  We have always been and will continue to be 100% about the safe and strong upbringing of your children in partnership with you.  To those of you who are out of the Rochester NY Region and are unable to consider sending your children to Destiny, please still watch.  Ideas and tactics in these videos may be relevant for where you live and educate your children.  We want to see success in our whole world, not just our four walls.  We pray something here helps you where you are.

COVID-19 Plans

Destiny Christian School leadership has invested time DAILY in study and research of health and wellness as well as political and social restrictions and guidelines.  We have done this since the first word of possible pandemic and we continue to do so.  This presentation, shared in July 2020, includes frequent citations of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo from his daily briefings as well as other resources.  Please watch this entire presentation and discover why attending Destiny Christian School in 2020-21 is safe.

High School/Home School

The world shifting changes in 2020 have affected how we must approach our 2020-21 high school design.  Listen to Principle Lofton and President Edlin discuss the exciting and very OUT OF THE BOX re-imagination of the Destiny Christian High School educational design.

Thank You

Parents, we honor you.  It takes great commitment to your family to invest time and energy like you have in understanding the educational options of these very different times. We are overjoyed that you have viewed all of our videos because it means that you’re invested in finding answers to guide your children well.  We invite you to reach out to us and ask questions.  We can give you a facility tour, discuss your family’s needs and the great opportunities for your children here at Destiny Christian School.  We’re here for you, to stand with you.

Your Child Deserves Excellence
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